Our Trees

Darroch Trees are special trees. We only nurture native trees, from seed we have carefully gathered with our own hands. We know where every single tree has come from – we’ve met their mothers! You’ll probably have gathered by now that we are tree-lovers and proud of it 🙂 Allow us to remind you of our founding principle:

The right tree, in the right place, for the right reasons. Whilst our nursery proudly helps to achieve ambitious tree planting targets set for the coming decades, we go way farther than that. Simply hitting numbers is not going to cut it; we’re not interested in monocultures. Trees have to be planted where they will not just survive for a while, but will thrive for generations to come, creating benefits for everyone. Our native, local provenance trees are selected, grown and sold so that they have the very best chance of survival in an uncertain future. We grow grandmother trees-to-be. In an era where we are facing up to the fact we can no longer think only a few short years ahead, Darroch proudly looks hundreds of years ahead to help create a resilient future for us all.

Some of the very special tree species that form our native species catalogue include: Alder, Aspen, Dog Rose, Downy Birch, Silver Birch, Elder, Goat Willow, Hazel, Hawthorn, Juniper, Oak, Rowan, Scots Pine.

Please note that we currently only grow cell-grown trees and only sell within Scotland.