Our Services

Growing trees: we can collect the necessary seed to grow a bespoke supply of native, local provenance trees for your site or project. This keeps the supply chain as short and local as possible, maximises genetic integrity and traceability, and provides the opportunities for local communities to be involved in the tree growing life-cycle from Day 1.

We also sell young trees – whether you want one wild tree for your garden, or many for your larger project, we will do our best to supply what you are interested in.

We are always grateful for permissions to collect from suitable woodlands, which means we can add to our bank of native trees available for other sites and projects, in which case we would be happy to return a small proportion of the propagated trees to your site or a community project of your choosing.

Consultancy, accreditation and workshops: we can work with you on your site or project to develop your wider regenerative strategy, using permaculture and other holistic approaches. We are also qualified Building with Nature assessors for policies and developments, and can provide educational services, including workshops (subject to suitability and availability).

Partnerships: we love working together with others. If you have a partnership idea, please get in touch. We are particularly interested in developing our academic research partnerships, and love to support MSc and PhD students.